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Made Simple and Realistic


Hi, I’m Jen

Coach and Fitness Instructor

Jen started Jeneration Fitness in 2015 after realizing the need for fitness and health motivation in her community. Jen brought much experience to her small town and was ready to help. Jen’s mission is to help people make realistic lifestyle changes through holistic methods to help them live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

Introducing Jenfit

Decide to make a change. Commit to getting amazing support. Succeed in reaching improved health!

If I were to ask you, “Hi, How are you doing today”? How would you respond? Very commonly, the response is “Oh, I’m ok”. Looking at the stats above, is “ok” good enough for you? What if you were to learn some very realistic techniques that could greatly improve your health and maybe you don’t become a stat from above. Would you be willing? This is the only life you get to live, and OK is definitely not good enough. 


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jodi success _edited.jpg

It's Time to Take Control of Your Life

The Jenfit & Fresh Start Program is designed to change your life. Say goodbye to unsuccessful diets, temporary fixes, and not feeling 100%. Jenfit & Fresh Start is a lifestyle change that's proven to give you the results you've always wanted.

What People are Saying

The Fresh Start Program is a mind, body, soul approach that has been the only program to hold me accountable to making needed health changes. Jen is always there for me and my EPT sessions have been so amazing to my healing.

- Michelle

After being on every diet imaginable, I’ve found that the Fresh Starts approach has helped me to really understand what foods work for me to reach the results I’ve always been wanting! The EPT sessions have helped me understand my emotional connection to foods and has helped me build my self-confidence.

- M

The FreshStart Program has helped me dramatically! I have gained more knowledge with nutrition from Jen’s daily posts. I now make better choices and think about what is going in my mouth! EPT: I always thought the past is in the past so I never really dealt with it. Lisa has helped me to learn to really move forward and take care of myself emotionally too.

- Jessica

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Jeneration Fitness is open Monday-Saturday. Personal Training by Appointment Only.

1100 Commerce Street

Fort Recovery, Ohio 45846

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