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About Jenfit & Fresh Start

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Do you know you should be doing something with your health and probably shouldn’t wait any longer, but you simply just aren’t doing it?

As Americans, we have choices, tons of them every moment of the day, but are the choices we make leading us to a life of health and happiness? Are we living in an excuse world most of the time?

Here’s the facts:

- 63.1% of Americans are now overweight

- 1-4 teens are trying to lose weight

- Cardiovascular deaths happen every 34 seconds

- Cancer claims over 1500 lives daily in America.

If I were to ask you, “Hi, How are you doing today”? How would you respond? Very commonly, the response is “Oh, I’m ok”. Looking at the stats above, is “ok” good enough for you? What if you were to learn some very realistic techniques that could greatly improve your health and maybe you don’t become a stat from above. Would you be willing? This is the only life you get to live, and OK is definitely not good enough.

Why Jenfit & Fresh Start

Suitable for Everyone









Professional Coaches

It's Time to Take Control of Your Life

This book is designed to help people take responsibility for the one amazing thing we were blessed with, our body/life. Your life is a blessing and was given to you for some definite purpose. It wasn’t given to you so you could live in an OK status or just so you could go through life accepting whatever comes along, including illness.

My fellow health professionals in this book are here to help. We believe in fixing the symptoms instead of putting a band-aid on them. The truth is, we are not supposed to get sick, but if we do our bodies are designed to recover fully and quickly. What if I were to tell you that 99% of health conditions are preventable. Pretty bold statement, right?  I believe fully that if you pay attention to the symptoms and fix them you will live a healthy, happy, more fulfilling life.

The symptoms you have are a warning sign. If you ignore them, put an excuse to them, or just live with them, that is when disease occurs. What upsets me in my past experiences in health care, it’s the diagnosis that makes people start waking up to better health. Sad really, because this temple we are given should be taken care of daily so we never have to be given that bad diagnosis.

This book isn’t made to make you perfect either, Nobody in this program will be perfect. You will find that you will be able to go out to eat, have birthday cake at parties, have a cocktail or a cookie. The goal is to help you realize your potential and to feel great doing it.  Let’s start learning, listening, and enjoying life to its fullest. This amazing support team is ready to help you. 

What's Included

  • Individualized designed regimens 

  • Access to Jeneration Fitness studio

  • Daily Tracking App

  • Detailed manual with meal plans, grocery lists and education

  • portion control program and emotional eating program

  • 100's of recipes

  • 2 Jenfit cookbooks

  • Jenfit manual

Emotional Therapy/Support
  • Emotional therapy technique session to learn forgiveness and healing

  • daily education and motivation

  • 24/7 access to health coach

  • 30 day journal

  • forever community support group

  • Monthly FreshStart Meetings with guest speakers

Are You Ready for a Fresh Start?

Pick Your Plan of Action

Let's Get a Fresh Start

  • 3 month plan - Starting at $450

  • 60 min goal setting call (in-person or zoom)

  • 3 months of daily coaching on free app

  • Every 30 day refresh call (in-person or zoom)

  • Manual and journal

  • Grocery list and sample meal plans

  • 1 Emotional Polarity Technique session

Going for It

  • 6 month plan - Starting at $750

  • 60 min goal setting call (in-person or zoom)

  • 6 months of daily coaching on free app

  • Every 30 day refresh call (in-person or zoom)

  • Manual, journal, and recipe book

  • Grocery list and sample meal plans

  • 1 Emotional Polarity Technique session

  • Graduation tee

Add Ons

  • 1 year membership to Beachbody On Demand (+2 Nutrition Programs FREE) challenge pack - $160

  • 5 Month Journal - $18

  • Jenfit & Fresh cookbook - $20

  • Additional EPT sessions - $100 each (packages available)

  • Shakeology Pure Nutrition available at 25% discounts

  • Wellness Consults - $50 per session

  • Additional months of coaching - $125 per month or $325 for 3 months

Add Ons for Local Customers Only

  • Monthly in studio memberships - $45 per month

  • 30 minute infrared sauna sessions - $30 per session

  • Go to store with Coach Jen - $60

  • Jenfit and Fresh Meals salads - $9 per salad

  • Personal training session - $50 per hour

Graduation Options

  • All-Inclusive + monthly membership to gym/classes, monthly meetings - $45 per month

  • Biweekly meetings with the coach plus monthly meetings - $40 per month

  • Monthly meeting and check in - $15 per month

Fitness Membership

  • All-inclusive (classes & open gym) - $45 per month

  • Senior/Student - $30 per month

  • Drop-in class - $5 per class

  • Drop-in open gym - $10 per day

Other Services

Infrared Sauna

  • $30 for 30 minutes

  • 6-pack sauna sessions - $150



  • Initial Session - $75

  • Follow up - $40



  • Prices vary based on the length of massage and what type of massage

  • Contact Katie Diller for a massage 


Are You Ready to Start Your Life-Changing Journey?

Join Jenfit & Fresh Start today!

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